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Since the ninety generation at the beginning of the electromagnetic oven into the market of our country, more and more families of users, at present electromagnetic oven use digital control, high integration, good reliability, not only the appearance of beauty, and comprehensive function.
The concept of the whole kitchen has been accepted by more and more families, and the integration design of kitchen and electric appliances is gradually coming into every household. For families with small size, the kitchen embedded kitchen power can save space, but also beautiful environment, therefore, the appliance inserted into the cabinet, has become a trend. Therefore, we have developed a series of embedded electromagnetic oven, hope to make everyone's life more smoothly.
Back of the house
Commercial electromagnetic oven by definition refers to the electromagnetic oven used in commercial kitchen, such as hotels, restaurants, catering industry, factories, institutions, agencies, units, enterprises and institutions, train, ship and other commercial kitchen, especially suitable to limit all commercial kitchen fire, such as department store, basement, underground shopping malls, railway vehicles, gas stations, aviation etc.. Then, the power size of commercial electromagnetic oven is also different from that of the household, and the power is usually between 3KW~35KW.
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